Wednesday, October 16, 2013


For whatever it takes…..Is that give you an idea about these sentences??……..

Actually, it depends on what condition that you’re in……Sometimes you want to get out from problem or incoming problem and for whatever it takes you will find or prepare the solution beforehand the impact.

For whatever it takes also you might do something so that you can retain the relationship. For an example in love relation. Just a general idea about long distance relationship. Let say the women live in Johor Bahru while the men live and work in Negeri Sembilan. Even though they were still live under the same country but they are in different region and it takes few hours for them to drive to their partner place. At this rate, some of the lovers did not understand on the importance of them to frequently communicate with each other. As they live far apart, I believe their partner will be wondering on where are his or her partner, what is the other person condition. Some of them will keep missing each other and the intention to meet up their partner cannot be contained . So, it is important for the lovers to keep in touch even just saying hi and  even it is only for a few seconds because it will be more valuable than any luxury in the world.

In the case  where they get into fight due to the long distance relationship reason such as less communicate, the other person forgot their responsibility and so on. For whatever it takes, the other person will do something to retain the relationship..for he or she not to lose their loved one.

That all for this time. Meet up later.

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